What is an adventure portrait like?

So I’ll let you in on a small secret; I hate the word ‘photoshoot’. Seriously, the word sends shivers down my spine! An Adventure Portrait Session is where it’s at, and I’m going to tell you:

  • What an adventure portrait session is
  • What makes them different
  • How they work
  • What you do on them
  • Who are they a good fit for
  • How to get started with one

How do I know about this? Well Adventure Portrait Sessions are one of the biggest experiences I capture (besides weddings and elopements); to date I have captured over 400 couples for adventure portrait sessions.

Adventure portrait session, What is an adventure portrait like?

What is an adventure portrait session?

This is what I found was the best way to describe what I do.

If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be:

Capturing the bottled lightning that is your feelings and love towards one another, in a kick-ass adventure.

Let’s break this down:

“Adventure” – This isn’t going to be your regular ‘let’s go to the park 2 minutes down from the studio, sit there, and then sod off after 20 minutes. Every adventure portrait session is designed to be just that – an adventure. So it doesn’t matter if you love the idea of getting snowshoes on and having a hike, or even if you’d rather just head down to the beach to explore waterfalls.

“Portrait” – Well let’s not beat around the bush, we’re here to capture the most immense and awesome images of you both ever.

“Session” – My preferred word over ‘photoshoot’, because it basically is like distilling a ‘sunday session’ (you know the kind) into a fun and authentic adventure. This also means you won’t be exposed to the rigor and structure of a typical photoshoot. No, we won’t be going through a list of 30 different poses to do.

Adventure portrait session, What is an adventure portrait like?

What makes adventure portrait sessions different?

So this definitely isn’t your run of the mill photoshoot. What makes the whole experience different?

Candid – Hell NO I will not be having you stand in the same location for 30 minutes straight, reciting how you need to move certain limbs to exact angles. Instead I’m more of a fly on the wall…but the kind of fly you’d have a good chat with whilst you two and the fly climb a sick mountain.

Authentic – I believe in creating real and authentic images that really represent who you are. I want to see who you both really are, and hear what made you fall in love. I want your smiles, tears, and laughter to be real AF.

Relaxed – To get authentic images, I believe in creating a fun and exciting experience that means you won’t even realise I’m there. So instead of us standing in one spot for ages, we may go exploring a beach, or wander through a forest. When you feel relaxed, you’re going to feel more comfortable to express how you really feel towards one another.

Fun – 99% of adventures are fun, right? That is why we get all dressed up to traipse around a jungle, or down at the beach. If I’m going to take you out somewhere exotic and off the beaten track, I’m going to make damn sure we have an awesome time. Bring your favourite beer, cheese, wine, blanket, whatever you’d like to make it feel like a date.

More like a date than a photoshoot – I always say that my adventure portrait sessions are more like a glorified date rather than a photoshoot. This means that you can bring along and do whatever you’d usually enjoy doing on a date. Oh, and don’t be afraid to bring along some sentimental words about how you feel about one another.

Curated and exciting locations – Instead of being sent down the local park where everyone and their dog has been, adventure portrait sessions are about creating something a little bit more special for you both. Maybe you’re a huge fan of beaches but want a twist to it. Perhaps you just love moss and want to get out into a jungle. Easy as. Each couple’s tastes is different and I love to see what you’re drawn to.

Adventure portrait session, What is an adventure portrait like?

What do we do on them?

Be yourselves.

No seriously.

Be yourselves.

There is no expectation or ‘you must be this tall to ride’ restrictions on my adventure portrait experiences (so long as you’re up for a good time)!

You may be the sort of couple that can’t keep your hands off of each other and have a huge level of PDA; or you may be the couple who will constantly razz each other out. Either way, bring it on and be yourselves.

Don’t fret though if you’re a bit lost for what to do with your hands or eyes on the session; I give you both a great rundown of small tips that make a big difference, but which won’t make you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Adventure portrait session, What is an adventure portrait like?

How do they work?

With having a kick-ass adventure instead of your ‘turn and churn’ photoshoot, this is a real bespoke experience. One mould doesn’t fit all with adventure portrait sessions. They require a little more design.

The good news is that as part of the whole process you get:

  • Adventure Portrait Design Session
  • Adventure Portrait Session
  • Cinematic Reveal and Ordering Appointment
  • Delivery and Installation of Art Pieces

So what are each of these stages?

Adventure Portrait Design Session – This is where we go through and plan your whole adventure portrait session. I’m based in Canberra, Australia but as I do these sessions across the world, we can even chat online with a video call and a good drink. In this I help cover everything from clothing recommendations, location scouting, to where you’re going to display the final art pieces in your home.

Adventure Portrait Session – The main event! This is where we go on our adventure, witness epic scenery, and get dirt on our feet.

Cinematic Reveal and Ordering Appointment – The big reveal of your final images. If you’re local to me then I’ll have craft beers, wine, and even your favourite cocktail to choose from! Otherwise, make sure you have a nice drink in your hands for the final reveal of your images!

Delivery and Installation of Art Pieces – It’s easy to have art pieces and never put them up. Life gets in the way, and they end up collecting dust. However as part of the service, I contribute $100 towards art piece installation, or have my own handyman come in and install it for you, totally free of charge. Then you’ll have the art of yourselves on the wall sooner, not later.

Adventure portrait session, What is an adventure portrait like?

Who are adventure portraits a good fit for?

I’ll be real; adventure portrait sessions aren’t for everyone.

However if you’re the the type of couple that:

  • Finds themselves exploring waterfalls at the weekends
  • Is deeply and madly in love with each other
  • Values an outdoors experience and getting dirt on your feet
  • Wants genuine art of themselves over a thousand iPhone photos that quickly get lost and forgotten

Then chances are an adventure portrait experience is perfect for you.

Adventure portrait session, What is an adventure portrait like?

How do we get started with one?

You can get started by clicking below and completing the short questionnaire, so that I get the best idea about what you’re both about and what you’re drawn to! Easy as that!