Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve​ Engagement | Sarah and Kyle

For Sarah and Kyle’s Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve​ Engagement session, we went to the insanely stunning Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, near Canberra to roam around and have an awesome time getting out into nature and finding somewhere which had a lot of greenery. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve​ was the perfect place for this, especially Hanging Rock, because of how vast and beautiful it was.

What better way to finish off a really great session by finding somewhere with a really great sunset. Little did Sarah know that Kyle and I have been secretly scheming so that we could find the perfect spot for Kyle to proposed to Sarah. It’s always very special when one person wants to propose to the other in a session. I like to take the time and care to really think about where the magical spot should be and also creating something perfect so that the timing and setup are just awesome.

Sarah said yes. Obviously!

I loved working with Sarah and Kyle because they seem like really genuinely warm people and they had smiles which wouldn’t leave their faces the whole time. Not only that but they are so bloody trendy as a couple, with Kyle in his blue denim jacket and Sarah with her gorgeous vermillion coloured dress (which is my favourite colour ever, aside from blue). Not only that but they could really crack each other up and they just searched genuinely nice people to hang around with and I’m very grateful when I’m able to work with such kind people like they are.

The most exciting part for me apart from drinking whiskey with Sarah and Kyle on the rocks with the rocks was the moment that Kyle proposed to Sarah. That moment where time seemed to stand still, and Sarah looking out towards Canberra on top of Gibraltar Falls, with Kyle down on his knee behind her. Little did she know that when she turned around, life would be a little bit different.

My favourite image is the one where Sarah and Kyle have the black red tail cockatoo feathers in front of their eyes. I like to be creative with the way I approach sessions. I don’t like to give cookie-cutter sessions and treat everyone the same so every so often I’ll bring something new into the mix. I was really excited when Sarah and Kyle wanted to indulge in this idea and I love the fact that you have that stark colour contrast between the red of the feathers and the green of the background along with that slight mystery of Sarah and Kyle’s face.

This was one hell of a Engagement Session! If you’re looking for the perfect place to propose, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve may be for you!

Enjoy! And if you liked the look of this, swing me a message today and let’s chat about getting your own adventure created!