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Lizzie and Lucas | Perisher Photographer

Sometimes I’m a Canberra Photographer, other times I’m a Perisher Photographer. This was one of those times.

Adventure portrait sessions don’t come more much adventurous than when Lizzie, Lucas and I ventured to Perisher and Jindabyne, NSW back in August 2019.

Lizzie, Lucas and I actually worked together back in November 2018, but they had such a blast they wanted one more adventure, and this time it was up one more level.

Starting the day with an epic early morning rise, we ventured out to Jindabyne’s enormous lake and wandered around, capturing the early morning light. To boot, we also decided to get a couple of smoke flares going as well, as what says ‘early morning riser’ like setting off some vast plumes of colour!

Stopping afterwards for some amazing breakfast, we hung out in the day, before heading out for sunset for a snowshoe adventure. If you haven’t done snowshoeing before, you need to get on it. Nothing beats trekking along in the middle of untouched snow, especially with a couple of cold brews going.

The thing about being a Perisher Photographer is that it always helps to bring at least three layers with you for a portrait session, as you’re going to need it for when you’re trekking around outside in snowshoes.

My favourite part of hanging out with Lizzie and Lucas was listening to the mad banter that these two have together. So many bloody smiles throughout the day as well.

Watching the sun go down, we rocked up one of Perisher’s snowfields and had a play around, all while hearing how Lizzie and Lucas’s connection has brought them this far in life.

Hope you enjoy the images below!