Blue Mountains Elopement, Blue Mountains Elopement – Rhi and Jacob

Blue Mountains Elopement – Rhi and Jacob

Blue Mountains Elopement, Blue Mountains Elopement – Rhi and Jacob

This Blue Mountains elopement was as moving as the dramatic views of this venue loved by couples from all over Australia! Its incomparable natural beauty has been the backdrop of hundreds of weddings and elopements, and like them, you’ll surely make lasting memories if you choose to get married in this gem of a location.

This stunning mountainous region is west of Sydney, which you can reach in under an hour by either car or train. Tourism is booming here, abundant with sightseeing activities and inclusive elopement packages. The local community has since been well-adjusted to visitors and guests looking for a simple trip, an adventure, and/or celebrating special days like weddings.

What’s striking about the Blue Mountains is, as you expected, the scenery. True to its name, The vastness of this attraction makes the beautiful blue haze of the mountains more apparent. Science says the blue shade is because of the Eucalyptus leaves, but you can definitely say it’s because it’s an enchanted place.

The serene ambience, the wilderness, the craggy cliffs overlooking the mountain ranges on the horizon— It is a romantic place that appeals to nature-loving couples wanting a private ceremony.

My advice to couples looking for that picture-perfect setting for an elopement is to check out The Blue Mountains. They have enough gorgeous spots to make your dream wedding ceremony look out of this world! Blue Mountains elopements are a class of their own, and if you want to have one, go to Visit New South Wales for more information about this World Heritage-listed site.

Vendors: Getting Ready: Greenways Cottage / Celebrant: Andrea Beaumont / Dress: Affordable Bridal / Alteration: Kathryn Lemin / Suit: Peter Jackson / Wedding Rings: Manly Bands, Aharoni Jewellery