you can have the easy and relaxing elopement of your dreams.

It can be intimate, fun, and an experience focused on yourselves and how you really want to start your marriage.

Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

Traditional ‘big weddings’ just aren’t your style.

  • You want a fun and relaxing experience.
  • Say goodbye to family politics and drama!
  • Imagine starting your marriage with a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Forget about societal expectations and material possessions—this is all about you and your partner.

hold up.
here comes the good news.

There is another way to get married.


allows you:

  • An authentic experience that is focused on a personalised day
  • The freedom to start your marriage with whatever adventure you’d love
  • A fun and relaxing day created around your true desires
  • Release from the pressures of other’s expectations
  • To have the day you deserve to celebrate your story together
Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

“we had no idea that there was another way we could get married until we came across james”

Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

what is eloping?

Put simply, eloping is simply about putting yourselves first and having an authentic and intimate experience to start your marriage, without the stress and pressures of a traditional wedding.

Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

what eloping isn’t:

  • Running away from friends and family without including them (if you wanted!)
  • A quick and dirty way to just ‘get the job done’.
  • A ‘turn and churn’ approach to getting married, where you are put on a conveyor belt and treated like a number.
  • Just a certificate on paper.

so why should you elope?

You deserve to start your marriage with an experience that is:




Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

The truth is
you don’t have to compromise on your dream wedding.

Having a ‘just us’ experience to start your marriage is what really matters.
You’ve been through so much together. Found each other through time and space, and now you want to commit to each other for the rest of your lives.

Let’s do it right. Let’s create something that will make you look back in 20 years and say “God DAMN”.

limitless choice in how you can get married.

You have the choice in how you would love to start your marriage. Maybe it involves:

  • Swimming with dolphins in the morning in a tropical paradise, and then hiking up a secluded mountain for vows at sunset
  • A sunrise ceremony in the snowy mountains with hot wine, followed by exploring a frozen lake and then snowboarding in the afternoon
  • Exploring hidden waterfalls and having a private dip, before writing your vows to each other and getting married under a huge tree in the forest
Australian Elopement Photographer, Home
Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

does this all sound a bit like how you envision getting married?

Well then you’re in the right place, friend.

see what an elopement is like

The best news of all

eloping is a piece of cake

You want to get started with planning this incredible adventure, but don’t know where to start?

The good news is this is where I come in to help you.

i’m james; your australian elopement photographer and guide

I’m your Australian elopement photographer, elopement expert, and road trip dude for the big day when you get to share your vows.

I’ve got your backs.

Australian Elopement Photographer, Home

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Australian Elopement Photographer, Home
Australian Elopement Photographer, Home
Australian Elopement Photographer, Home
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see the whole process in action

Hey there, future elopers! If you’re on the hunt for an awesome photographer for your elopement day, I’ve got you covered! As an Australian Elopement Photographer, I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek into what it’s like to work with me.

I totally get that choosing a photographer is a big decision, and you want to feel totally comfortable with who you choose. That’s why I’ve put together a video trailer to show you my energy and how I work behind the camera. I want you to feel relaxed and have a blast, so I can capture those unforgettable, natural moments that you’ll cherish forever.

here’s what other couples are saying

over 100 5-star reviews!

“we didn’t feel awkward or stressed”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
When my partner and I got engaged, we knew throwing a big traditional styled wedding just wasn’t for us. But we were unsure of how to go about doing a wedding more suited to our style. After some research online, we came across James’s website. It covered everything we needed to know about eloping and, honestly, sounded perfect.
We spoke with James on the phone, and he answered any concerns we had with doing a wedding like this. He was so kind and full of energy. We felt like we were talking to an old friend! So it was a no brainer we wanted to hire him to help us pull this whole thing together.
Throughout the planning process, we received a lot of emails and texts back and forth, so we never felt in the dark about anything. From the start, it was smooth sailing and very easy working with James.
When our big day finally rolled around, we got to meet James for the first time in person, and he was just awesome. We had the pleasure of working with him for 8hrs, and I don’t think there was one second of that time where he wasn’t full of energy and excitement for us.
James helped us decide on our location at Charlotte Pass, where we did a 10km hike before our ceremony, and our closest friends and family waited to meet us in the valley at sunset. The day was just perfect. We had so much fun and didn’t feel awkward or stressed at all during the day.
We said multiple times during the day that we wish we could do this every year! It was so special and fun, and we couldn’t be happier with how our photos turned out. We had 20 guests for the ceremony, and they all said how beautiful it was. Even people we were worried about offending by not inviting them were incredibly happy for us, for doing it the way we wanted.
Now that we have our photos, we’ve been able to share them with everyone, and we have received so many compliments on how stunning they are and how wonderful our day looked.
If you are considering eloping or doing a small wedding like we did, I would 100000% recommend hiring James to be your man. He is the best, we couldn’t recommend him enough!
– Kirsty K.

“alleviated the stress of planning”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
My partner and I had the absolute best day on our wedding day and an absolute pivotal part in making that happen was James.
From the very first correspondence with James, we knew we were in good hands. He is the loveliest person to talk to and you instantly feel like you’re chatting to a long time friend. James took the time to get to know us, what we liked, and the vision we had for the day. Using all of this he was able to recommend locations, vendors, tips and tricks for preparing in the lead up to the day, and so much more.
One thing I really want to highlight in all of this is how much this did for alleviating the stress of planning. This extended to on the day as well. James was an absolute master at asking the right questions at the right times, checking in more and more as the planning and lead up to the day ramped up, and being there in case we had any questions. If you’re looking to have a stress free wedding/elopement experience (and you really should as its meant to be enjoyed!!!) then I can’t recommend James enough – and I haven’t even gotten to the day itself yet!!
The day was simply fantastic! We opted to do an early morning sunrise shoot, since dabbling in photography ourselves meant we knew that sunrise lighting was softer. Sunrise? Not a problem for James – he was at the ceremony location even before us! The morning of our day was sleeting snow. James did not let this affect his work flow in the slightest and I think that the photos really speak for themselves. There were so many moments that James was able to capture without the traditional posing to worry about. James also managed to elicit many candid moments through conversation – the photos turned out amazingly. James was also able to find so many cool and interesting photos that are genuinely some of our favourite images!
James is a master of his craft and he really demonstrates an eye and attention for detail. Not to mention, his style of photography has this timeless look about it and this resonates across every photo I have had the pleasure of viewing in his portfolio. It doesn’t matter the weather or location – James does not miss a beat.
– Rhys M.

“personal and thoughtful”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We could not have imagined a better photographer to capture our elopement. We were looking for someone who was up for a little adventure into the mountains near Canberra and James ended up being the perfect choice.
From the get-go, James made us feel like the priority and took the time to get to know us and what we wanted from our special event.
On the day, James made us feel so at ease and comfortable. The way he had us interact with one another was not the usual cheesy instruction but personal and thoughtful. His questions and gentle guidance enhanced our day.
James didn’t blink an eye when the weather turned and this showed through our beautiful images. All of the photographs we received (in a very quick turnaround!) let our personalities shine through and captured the incredible natural environment.
Forever grateful, thank you James!
– Hannah L.

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Australian Elopement Photographer, Home
Australian Elopement Photographer, Home